What Is Viagra?

In the cause of human life and sexuality, man has encountered a lot of erectile dysfunction and other sexual diseases that has made the hitherto sweet sexual life and experience a very bad one. To bring this to a very less harmful stop, the drug Viagra was discovered. Viagra is a brand name given to the drug Sildenafil Citrate. Viagra is the name used to sell this medicine. Viagra is also called Revatio in some cases. Viagra is used mainly to treat the problem of erectile dysfunction and pulmonary arterial hypertension. Viagra which was basically discovered in the UK but latter developed in the US normally comes in small blue color and diamond shape. Viagra is a trade mark of the Pfizer group. The Viagra dosage for the sexual dysfunction is about 25 milligram to 100 milligram taken once a day while that of the Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension is about 20 milligram tablet 2 times daily.

How Does Viagra Work? Viagra appeared at the market more than 10 years ago and still it is one of the most popular remedies in the world. People have heard about Viagra even if they didn't use it before. Viagra is mentioned in different magazines and books and very often you can hear its word in jokes and anecdotes. But in fact nothing is so funny with Viagra. It is serious medicine that can help men from different countries to improve their sexual life. The Viagra tablet works in a very simple and natural way. It is well known that what causes very thick and lasting erection in men is the issue of blood. When the senses send the messages to the brain, what the brain does is to send a lot of blood to the sexual organs that makes them thick and erect. What Viagra pills do to men and even women is to enhance the flow of this blood to the penis and the retention of the blood to maintain lasting erection. The cGMP type 5 is an enzyme that delays the degradation of the cGMP which regulates the flow of blood to the penis. What Viagra does is to inhibit this cGMP-specific phosphodiesterase type 5 so that it will in turn delay the degradation of the cGMP which controls blood flow to the penis. If this cGMP is kept at full force, what you get is the constant and fast sending of blood to the penis. The blood sent by this Viagra is also meant to last throughout the intercourse period. Viagra also reduces the pressure given to the pulmonary artery.

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Precautions While Using Viagra: The intake of this Viagra to enhance sexual performance should be done with care to avoid over use and abuse. While taking Viagra pills, do not take nitrates used in chaste pain cure. This can affect your blood pressure. Whenever you experience chaste pain, nausea and other discomfort during sex while on Viagra, contact your doctor for advice on Viagra use. When your age reaches 65 and above, you are to be placed on a special reduced dosage of Viagra, so contact your doctor for that. Other Revatio drugs should not be taken at the same time with Viagra as they contain the same ingredients. If you have prostrate problems and high blood pressure and because of these take alpha blockers, you should contact your doctor before taking Viagra, you might require special doses in this case. Again, whenever you notice any effect in the use of Viagra, contact your doctor. Remember that Viagra is medicine first of all and you have to take is as any other medicine. So you have to be very cautious with the doses of Viagra, you can't drink alcohol before having the remedy as it can destroy the effect. But there's good news too. Viagra works very naturally so you can be sure that your partner can't notice you have taken the medicine. The process of excitation will be gradual and natural. It doesn't work if your partner is not attractive for you.

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Side Effects Of Viagra: Drug side effects normally occur due to the act of healing and cure. What I mean is that drugs record side and adverse effects because the force they use in the killing or expulsion of the toxins that causes ailments in the body affects other tissues and organs in the body during this process. This is reduced to the barest minimum in the case of the Viagra pills because Viagra is not curative. Viagra is just a sexual erectile enhancing drug. But however during the cause of the function of Viagra, such effects as headache, facial flushing, blurred vision and some stomach upset might be noticed. While dyspepsia, nasal congestion, impaired vision and photophobia are some other effects that might also be noticed in using Viagra. It is good to note that when an over dose of Viagra is used due to curiosity and against prescription. The effect might be very detrimental. buy priligy online https://blackmenheal.org/wp-content/languages/new/noprescription/priligy-no-prescription.html no prescription
Viagra can help you a lot. Still you can't use Viagra if you are under 18, if you have SUCH disease as diabetes and others. So think before you leap - but never refuse from making your life more interesting and full of magic moments.

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