Viagra Plus: A New And Different Approach

The idea for Viagra Plus came about when a general disturbance of blood vessels (endothelium) was suspected to be interfering with the effects of Viagra. It was thought that by making blood vessels healthier, the effects of Viagra would be improved. Viagra Plus resulted when a small study, conducted to test this hypothesis, yielded results which proved to be along the lines suggested. The resultant blend of Viagra and Lipitor has since been named Viagra Plus As suggested by Dr. Howard C. Herrmann, the head of his research group, there are times when impotence or erectile dysfunction can be the result of a widespread build up along artery walls. His team hypothesized that if the blood vessels could be made clearer, once the layer of cholesterol was removed,using drugs like Lipitor, Viagra should then behave in a normal manner for these patients.
Viagra Plus consists of Viagra with the addition of Lipitor, which is actually a frequently prescribed drug for the purpose of controlling high cholesterol. Viagra Plus has been shown to have extra benefits for men with erectile dysfunction. More precisely, researchers have discovered that in a large proportion of men, whose erectile problems aren't improved by Viagra (Sildenafil), regular doses of Lipitor (Atorvastatin) seemed to increase sexual response.This was discovered when a clinical study led to the creation of the drug Viagra Plus.

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Viagra Plus: Small Study And Results A small study of Viagra Plus, Viagra and Lipitor, was initiated by Dr. Herrmann, at Pennsylvania University. He and his co-workers evaluated the consequences of using Lipitor with Viagra,utilising 12 male volunteers who suffered modest to severe cases of erectile dysfunction, all of which occurred regardless of taking Viagra. The subjects were allotted a random selection of daily treatments containing either Lipitor or a placebo for a period of 12 weeks; Thus Viagra Plus was being compared to Viagra. Full outcomes of this small study, effectively the initial testing of Viagra Plus,were published in a Sexual Medicine Journal during March 2006. Basically, treatment with Viagra Plus, containing Viagra and Lipitor,was linked with a substantial enhancement in the erectile reaction to Viagra, especially in patients where Viagra usage alone was ineffective. Study members treated with a placebo showed little or no improvement in their reaction to Viagra. A significant effect, for those testing the Viagra Plus was noted within six weeks from the start of the trial, indicating Viagra Plus may well give sufferers of erectile dysfunction a further option in their treatment.

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An Acceptable Side Effect Of Viagra Plus: As was expected, Viagra Plus, formed with the addition of Lipitor to Viagra significantly lowered the amount of LDL-cholesterol, (or bad cholesterol), found in the subjects' blood. The cholesterol levels were reduced by 43% after taking Viagra Plus for an extended period. The initial testing of Viagra Plus was encouraging, and whilst not yet definitive, it certainly demanded further studies, such as the testing of Viagra Plus in a larger clinical trial.

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Viagra Plus Today: Viagra plus has since been released, although little reference to the original trial is suggested in the current advertising. Viagra Plus is touted as a new formulation of Viagra enhanced with active and trustworthy herbs. Viagra Plus is advertised as giving a new feeling of unbridled potency, supreme passion and unsurpassed endurance.If you have a cholesterol problem and need to enhance erectile function, Viagra Plus may well be an option.

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